The Hottie, the Hipster and the Hippie.

​They say everything in life comes in packs of three. From third time’s a charm to the three musketeers. I like to propose that every man has three women in his life that teach him lessons that will forever be remembered. Lessons that make men realize what they could be doing to better themselves. In my journey to understanding dating and love life, I crossed paths with three women who taught me lessons and shaped me into the person I am today. For some reason women bring out the best and worst in me. Today I will talk about the three women who inspired me and enhanced my hidden talents. Three strong and admirable women I should point out. I really thought about whether to post this or not because let’s be real, no guy likes talking about the girls that they talked to. I was like “na” maybe I should just keep it to myself but then I was like fuck it why not. Just do it. So shall we begin or shall we begin?

The Hottie, also known as my first dance partner. We used to have the same dance class but at different times. I remember I would go to both my class and hers because it was hella fun dancing tropical music. I wasn’t the type of person who danced until I took that class. We started going to events and because of her I started gradually getting better, it was all about practicing and tension. I was spending so much time with her that catching feelings was bound to happen. The lesson she taught me was that it’s never a good thing to ruin an awesome friendship over feelings especially when you been friends for a while. I was a douche to her by ignoring her and making it seem like I didn’t know her. I made her feel like shit all because I wanted something more. Even then she forgave me because well she didn’t want to lose my friendship. She also made me realize that I am LOVERBOY. She made me realize that about myself because I was always hella corny to her and I was good at it. I’m still corny but now I realize it needs to be for  the right person. So best believe if you’re into me and I’m into you I will be corny as tits. I mistook her friendly vibe for a she wants me vibe.

 The Hipster, oh boy was she a trip. Also known as the aspiring film nerd. You could say she was my first real heartbreak that taught me a lesson indeed. I still remember when we were in the recording studio and we talked about why she chose film as her major. She could go on for days talking about filmmaking and she wouldn’t get tired. As we talked she told me something that I will always remember, she told me “I want to be the best, no.. I WILL be the best filmmaker.” She was completely sure of herself without any hesitation and that might have been a reason I fell for her, I fell for her dedication.The lesson she taught me was that with dedication and passion you can make your dreams possible. Just seeing that spark in her eyes inspired me to get back into photography. I took a couple of classes before and wanted to get better. The downside was that I was limited because I never owned a legit camera. Yet I still tried to do my best work with what I had. Now I have my own legit camera and basically take it everywhere with me. She might be a proud LEO who loves attention but she inspired me. I turned something I enjoyed doing into one of my passions, after all us SCORPIO’s are passionate to the core.

The Hippie, she’s probably the most realest person I’ve met. She was honest and that kinda rubbed off on me. The lesson she taught me was self-love and that being alone isn’t that bad. Society makes us believe that being alone means we’re lonely but that is such BS. By being alone you learn a lot about yourself and what your want in life. No woman should need a guy to be happy and no guy should need a woman to be happy. Perhaps we need to stop constantly searching for love and let it come to us. Before you can love someone and give them a part of you, you have to love yourself first. I remember one night that I had so much to say about my feelings but I didn’t know how tell her so I wrote her a letter. After reading it she told me that I should consider writing and so I took her advice. It was always easier to get my points across through writing but she gave me that extra push. As you can see I started my own dating and love life blog thanks to her . Might be limited to writing all these blogs on my phone and my thumbs hurting but I make the most of it. Sad to say I don’t own a laptop yet. Might be bit rusty on my grammar but practice will make me better. She taught me to embrace my inner creativity and to treat life artistically, after all us ARTIST’s brains are perhaps our hearts. 

In conclusion to my thesis statement a guy has three women in his life that he has either got to know or dated that changed his way of thinking. You might have gone through four or five girls but the idea here is that you learned and not committed the same actions/mistakes twice. No matter in what terms we ended in I would like to thank these three women for helping me become the person I am today. I know who I am and what I want.


Getting The Woman of Your Dreams

​Knowing what you want is the first step but executing your intentions is actually the crucial step. It’s about giving out the correct vibe. 

For the longest time I believed in the “friendzone” and everyone mocked me for being the guy who always got “frienzoned.” Many times guys give off that friend vibe and that is why girls that they like only see them as friends. If you want someone just go for it and don’t overthink it. If you want to write to her, do it. If you want to sing to her, do it. If you want to draw her something do it. Doesn’t matter how small the gesture just fucking do it. The little things count the most.

For the longest time I also believed that I was missing something and that girls never saw me as anything more than a friend. I realized that there were many girls that indeed saw me as something else but I was never really good at reading signs, I was oblivious to them. I hate how sometimes hints are clear as water yet we don’t catch them early on. Catching the signs has been the downfall of many guys. Whether they were friend signs or I want you signs, they mix them up. 

I probably lost the woman I wanted because I could not read the obvious signs. Or I was reading them all wrong. If something is meant to be between a man and a woman there’s no anxiety, there’s no overthinking, it just happens. Like it’s not even funny at the number of opportunities I had, yet for one reason or another the anxiety spiked up and I messed up. Like bro get the fucking hint. Don’t make the mistake that I been doing for years. 

I’m not a love guru or a dating doctor, I still struggle with showing women how I feel about them. The key to getting the woman of your dreams is confidence, that’s all it really comes down to. Yeah she needs to be attracted to you and yeah you guys have to have a connection but if you don’t have confidence to make a move, she’ll only see you as a friend. 

If you been hanging out with the woman you like for some time and you haven’t pulled a move, eventually she is going to get tired and move on. It’s best to make a move and fail than to never had made a move at all. As for us who took too long, it happens. Perhaps it happened for a reason. Maybe there’s a girl out there who looks at you with the same eyes that you looked at her. Look around.

Guys, you can get the woman you want . You can tell a woman many times that you like her but if you don’t show it she won’t believe you. She will probably think you are not into her. What I want from you the reader to remember from this post is know what you wantknow who you wantknow how to show want you want. All it takes is confidence.

 P.S. Catch the signs genius.


​Today as I was scrolling down my Facebook feed I saw a quote that really spoke out to me and I bet at least all of us can relate to. I usually don’t go on Facebook anymore, all I see on there is advertising, clickbait articles and “news.” The only interesting content on there is memes and quotes, let’s be honest. Well anyways the quote that I could relate to is the following: “The most fucked up joke life with play on you is letting you meet the right person at wrong time.” What a joke indeed.

Timing is everything. She’s into you and you’re into her. You might be making all the right moves, taking all the hints, and taking your time to really know her but it all it comes down to timing. Both of you are to be on the same page, know what you both want and without baggage from past relationships.

 Many times you and the woman you want hold an amazing connection and your vibes resonate with each other but she scared to trust again. For some reason it always happens that when a good guy comes along their path women seem to push them away. Perhaps that is not always the case, good guys do get the girl. A reason could be it just wasn’t the right time to start something. 

We need to break the cycle of good guys getting fucked over by a girl because then they turn into fuckboys. If you’re not into him don’t lead them on and guys don’t let a woman change the way you are. I been fucked over time over time and yet I’m still me, I don’t let that change my personality. I will probably dedicate a post on this topic further along the line.

When the timing is not right many times we still decide on being exclusive to a woman and wait for that right time to occur. The hardest choice a guy can make is whether to keep trying or letting go, it sucks being in that position, I been there countless times. You overthink and assume. Two dangerous actions. You either keep her as a friend or move on.

Being someone’s friend when you want more is hard, you may have a slight chance for it to evolve into something more or you could end up getting hurt in the process. Although this takes consistency and patience, your other option is letting go which is probably the most real G shit out there. 

In your eyes she was the right woman for you. Did you stop and think that you probably weren’t the right guy for her at least not at the time. Think about it.

The Late Seventh Blog

​​Don’t fall too quick for a woman but be real on what you want from them. I’ve fallen hard many times, drunk falling, clumsy falling, and sports falling. Yet I manage to get up and laugh about it. I wish I could say the same when falling for a girl. When I fall for a girl I fall hard and getting up and laughing about it ain’t that easy.

In my journey to understanding dating and love life this is probably the hardest for me. I fall hard for girls, somehow everyone notices -_-. To this day I’m still learning to calm my tits down. I call it the falling game because it’s a game of patience and knowing what you want. In my experience I kept falling for broken girls. I always knew what I wanted but never had patience. In my past relationships things got serious very quick and that was the reason they didn’t last long. I fell for a body and not a mind.

My advice is to take one day at a time. Don’t try to rush into anything. It may sound cliché but go with the flow and live in the moment. If there’s chemistry between you two, a reaction is bound to occur genius. You can trip here and there just don’t fall too quick. So the girl you like is cute, has similar interests as you, and has the qualities that you look for in a girl. That’s just the surface but you have to dig deeper. Before you decide to commit to someone know what their aspirations are, their dreams and most important their view of the world. You might be amazed at what you learn from them, you might just learn a lesson or two. Fall for a mind not a body.

Dam that’s seven blogs already, lucky me I guess I haven’t been lazy after all. By now I hope that people have read through or at least glimpsed at my blog. Talking about my dating experiences is not an easy to do especially when I have made many mistakes. From giving too much to jealousy.

For my late seventh blog I will introduce myself to the blogging world. Allow me to tell you a little about myself. I am an ARTIST. I always found the arts captivating and now I’m embracing my inner creativity. I am a SCORPIO. I am passionate to the core so if I give it my all you must be special to me. Finally, I am a LOVERBOY. I can’t deny that any longer. I could say the corniest shit with no regrets. No ragrets.

People tell me that I’m too serious. Ohh boy are you in for a surprise. I like dancing, singing, and photography but that’s just the surface. What I look for in a woman is someone who is is a mix of weird and sarcasm. Most important someone who knows what they want. Be warned that I might write about you if you catch my eye. 😉


My mother once told me in Spanish “Necesitas una ilusión mijo, algo que te motive” which meant “You need an illusion son, something that will motivate you.” It was her way to lift up my spirit when I was feeling down and anxious. I asked why she had said that because illusions can deceive us. Tricking us into feeling a certain way and seeing things a certain way, I just didn’t understand her at the moment. All I knew was that illusions were negative and unreal.

Later it hit me because without knowing I indeed had an illusion; an illusion over a woman. Now this is a different type of illusion and I thought to myself  about how an illusion like this can either be positive or negative. It can go one of two ways: It can be a man’s downfall or a reason to better himself. An illusion over a woman can cause you to overthink situations that are clear as water but you keep creating ripples every time you create different outcomes in your head. This was true about me. I would overthink too much even over the smallest of things such as responding to a text message from a woman that I was particularly interested in.

We all have had positive and negative illusions especially in love life. I’ve had a taste of both, heck they are probably reading this so why not talk about it briefly. My first illusion over a woman was also my first real heartbreak. I was broken. I would always try to find the reason why everything went wrong but it was just me overthinking the situation. Jealousy and not being myself were my worst enemies and in the end I lost a friend. My second illusion reignited me and gave me perspective. She made me realize that I was genuinely a real person. Someone who knew what he wanted and unafraid to say it, unfortunately we were on different paths. She didn’t see me the way I saw her but in the end I gained a friend and boost of confidence. No matter how we ended up I will always remember the lessons that I learned through my two illusions.

An illusion over a woman can push you constantly and keep that spark in your eyes or tear you down and that spark is blown away by the wind. An illusion over a woman can open up your heart and mind but sometimes the balance of these two gets out of hand; there’s no equilibrium.Your heart feels too much that you don’t think. You think too much that you don’t listen to your heart and do what feels right. An illusion over a woman can either help you make decisions that you will be proud of or plain stupid decisions.

Perhaps every man needs a positive illusion in his life that will push him to get up and conquer the world. Illusions aren’t all bad. An illusion over a woman can be a man’s downfall or a reason to better himself, him and only him can make that choice.


Growing up I dreaded writing with a passion. I wasn’t sure why. My high school teachers insisted that I was a decent and creative writer with a unique perspective and style. Me a writer? No way? What a joke, right? What a joke indeed.

I shrugged off the potential they saw in me. Writing was something I did because I had to, not because I enjoyed it. I recall once telling my A.V.I.D. (Advancement Via Individual Determination) teacher that I wasn’t going to apply to scholarships involving writing simply because I didn’t want to write about myself and the aspirations I had. She told me “You need to calm that attitude and start writing because it’s only going to get better.” (Now this is the part where you take note of this inspirational quote for your future Instagram post.) I didn’t understand her then. At that time I was just being a regular teenager focused on being one of the cool kids in high school.

I didn’t picture myself as a writer, yet I never really understood why it was easier to express myself in words on paper rather than by talking. To this day I ask myself this. I disliked writing but even then I can tell you that the only writing I did enjoy was writing love letters, you may ask really Adrian love letters? You’re telling me that you wrote an inspirational introduction and it’s all over love. Well I was and forever will be a romantic just ask my friends. I always had a way with words on paper, in fact that was the way I won the heart of my first girlfriend but then again those were simple times. A winding turmoil is how I would describe dating and love life in 2016.

I’m not going to babble on about how dating sucks in this era because of the rules it comes with. Fuck those rules on the real but unfortunately we have to know and understand them. In my opinion we need more of that old school love life, I like that shit. Low-key everyone likes that shit, yet everyone is too scared to express themselves when it comes to love life. As a guy writing about love this is a red flag for girls. They just simply don’t like guys who show too much emotion but hey someone has to show these noobs how to be a gentleman because there’s one too many fuckboys already.

This is why I decided to make my DEBUT in writing with this ongoing blog, hence the title. Started this blog a year ago but I was going through a funk so I only posted once. Disregard the first post, I just left it there to remind myself that I got a script that I need to finish. Titled “A LOST CASE”, currently at 56 pages to be exact but that’s a topic for another time. If you don’t see me post every week, it’s either because I got lazy or ran out of ideas but mostly laziness.

In this blog I will talk about my journey to understanding the dating scene and love life in the modern era especially for us nice guys. I’m not saying that I know everything about dating and love life or that I have dated for a long time because I would be lying to myself. Heck I can’t even remember the last time I dated, possibly six years. I used to be embarrassed by it not anymore. I’m just simply exploring this topic further and giving advice that I should have taken from my friends a long time ago. So if you like to see what I got be my guest and stay tuned for what’s to come. “Cambio y Fuera” in other words “Over and Out.”

A Post Production Decision

Falling for you was like a film production….

Development: When I first saw you it never crossed my mind that you would have been everything that I have ever wanted.

Preproduction: I gave you my attention and time. I got interested in your aspirations, your likes/dislikes, your hobbies, and your fears.

Production: My intentions are clear, I want you. Yet I never really knew what your true feelings were.

Post Production: Everything is laid out and scattered but it’s up to you to edit the ending to this story.