Getting The Woman of Your Dreams

​Knowing what you want is the first step but executing your intentions is actually the crucial step. It’s about giving out the correct vibe. 

For the longest time I believed in the “friendzone” and everyone mocked me for being the guy who always got “frienzoned.” Many times guys give off that friend vibe and that is why girls that they like only see them as friends. If you want someone just go for it and don’t overthink it. If you want to write to her, do it. If you want to sing to her, do it. If you want to draw her something do it. Doesn’t matter how small the gesture just fucking do it. The little things count the most.

For the longest time I also believed that I was missing something and that girls never saw me as anything more than a friend. I realized that there were many girls that indeed saw me as something else but I was never really good at reading signs, I was oblivious to them. I hate how sometimes hints are clear as water yet we don’t catch them early on. Catching the signs has been the downfall of many guys. Whether they were friend signs or I want you signs, they mix them up. 

I probably lost the woman I wanted because I could not read the obvious signs. Or I was reading them all wrong. If something is meant to be between a man and a woman there’s no anxiety, there’s no overthinking, it just happens. Like it’s not even funny at the number of opportunities I had, yet for one reason or another the anxiety spiked up and I messed up. Like bro get the fucking hint. Don’t make the mistake that I been doing for years. 

I’m not a love guru or a dating doctor, I still struggle with showing women how I feel about them. The key to getting the woman of your dreams is confidence, that’s all it really comes down to. Yeah she needs to be attracted to you and yeah you guys have to have a connection but if you don’t have confidence to make a move, she’ll only see you as a friend. 

If you been hanging out with the woman you like for some time and you haven’t pulled a move, eventually she is going to get tired and move on. It’s best to make a move and fail than to never had made a move at all. As for us who took too long, it happens. Perhaps it happened for a reason. Maybe there’s a girl out there who looks at you with the same eyes that you looked at her. Look around.

Guys, you can get the woman you want . You can tell a woman many times that you like her but if you don’t show it she won’t believe you. She will probably think you are not into her. What I want from you the reader to remember from this post is know what you wantknow who you wantknow how to show want you want. All it takes is confidence.

 P.S. Catch the signs genius.


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