​Today as I was scrolling down my Facebook feed I saw a quote that really spoke out to me and I bet at least all of us can relate to. I usually don’t go on Facebook anymore, all I see on there is advertising, clickbait articles and “news.” The only interesting content on there is memes and quotes, let’s be honest. Well anyways the quote that I could relate to is the following: “The most fucked up joke life with play on you is letting you meet the right person at wrong time.” What a joke indeed.

Timing is everything. She’s into you and you’re into her. You might be making all the right moves, taking all the hints, and taking your time to really know her but it all it comes down to timing. Both of you are to be on the same page, know what you both want and without baggage from past relationships.

 Many times you and the woman you want hold an amazing connection and your vibes resonate with each other but she scared to trust again. For some reason it always happens that when a good guy comes along their path women seem to push them away. Perhaps that is not always the case, good guys do get the girl. A reason could be it just wasn’t the right time to start something. 

We need to break the cycle of good guys getting fucked over by a girl because then they turn into fuckboys. If you’re not into him don’t lead them on and guys don’t let a woman change the way you are. I been fucked over time over time and yet I’m still me, I don’t let that change my personality. I will probably dedicate a post on this topic further along the line.

When the timing is not right many times we still decide on being exclusive to a woman and wait for that right time to occur. The hardest choice a guy can make is whether to keep trying or letting go, it sucks being in that position, I been there countless times. You overthink and assume. Two dangerous actions. You either keep her as a friend or move on.

Being someone’s friend when you want more is hard, you may have a slight chance for it to evolve into something more or you could end up getting hurt in the process. Although this takes consistency and patience, your other option is letting go which is probably the most real G shit out there. 

In your eyes she was the right woman for you. Did you stop and think that you probably weren’t the right guy for her at least not at the time. Think about it.


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