The First Date

​Out of all the guy friends she was talking to, she decided to give you a chance. Fuck yeah you are doing something right then. Sometimes patience is for the strong, only the weak break easy. You stuck around to see her through the bad times not just emotionally but physically too and by that I mean no makeup, cranky, probably want to kill you half the time, or tries to burn your house down. Yet for some crazy reason you’re still interested.  

You ask her out on a real date and she agrees to let you take her out on an outing to the countryside as I like to say. The first real date is either rewarding or weird as shit. So own it like you have always daydreamed about. Don’t act as someone you’re not. Make the first date interesting because it’s all about having a fun time with another person and making them feel comfortable. 

Here are some tips for your first date. After all you got to make a good impression if you want a potential second date. First of all the basics  that every guy has to know when taking a woman out. Go get her at her doorstep, open the car door for her, pull out her chair so she can sit, you know the drill. If you’re feeling really good about the date buying her flowers will make you stand out, but don’t over do it. 

Three words: Conversation, conversation and conversation. A tip I would recommend is to have topics of conversation already in mind. Nothing is worse than a date with little to no conversation. Don’t be a chatterbox either, she is probably not going to listen to half of what you say. I get it she’s nervous and you are probably shitting bricks but keep your cool. Make her laugh, tease her or even crack some jokes anything to release that tension. Sarcasm works too but careful there.

Doesn’t everybody wish they could take their own advice. Like I probably just gave the best advice ever yet I fail to take it myself. I been in situations where I had nothing to say but any random thought evolved into a full on conversation. Keeping up a conversation is harder than it looks like so if it’s quiet at the beginning don’t fret keep trying. Avoid small talk and short answer questions. 

As for choosing what to do for a date simple is always better. Plan out a date, it shows that you took your time to put something together for her. Dates that involve food such as going to dinner are your best bet. What I like about food dates is you being able to be yourself. We can be our bare selves when we eat unless you’re the shy type. Sometimes the best talks are over a good meal. Always pay the bill, don’t be cheap. None of that lets split the bill.

Going on a movie date is great and all but you can’t really start a conversation and that is crucial in the first date. The movies are probably best on the second or third dates if you even get that far. Even when you have your date planned out always have a secondary activity. For example let’s say dinner is over and you still want to spend some more time with her and she wants to stick around. Having something ready to do in mind is important. Bowling is a good choice hint hint. A walk around downtown doesn’t seen too shabby either.

Last but not least. Compliments go a long way and can make a woman’s day. So man up and tell her how gorgeous she looks because I know you been dying to tell her that for some time. Make her feel like she’s the main actress in your script. Own the first date. You got this.


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