The Late Seventh Blog

​​Don’t fall too quick for a woman but be real on what you want from them. I’ve fallen hard many times, drunk falling, clumsy falling, and sports falling. Yet I manage to get up and laugh about it. I wish I could say the same when falling for a girl. When I fall for a girl I fall hard and getting up and laughing about it ain’t that easy.

In my journey to understanding dating and love life this is probably the hardest for me. I fall hard for girls, somehow everyone notices -_-. To this day I’m still learning to calm my tits down. I call it the falling game because it’s a game of patience and knowing what you want. In my experience I kept falling for broken girls. I always knew what I wanted but never had patience. In my past relationships things got serious very quick and that was the reason they didn’t last long. I fell for a body and not a mind.

My advice is to take one day at a time. Don’t try to rush into anything. It may sound cliché but go with the flow and live in the moment. If there’s chemistry between you two, a reaction is bound to occur genius. You can trip here and there just don’t fall too quick. So the girl you like is cute, has similar interests as you, and has the qualities that you look for in a girl. That’s just the surface but you have to dig deeper. Before you decide to commit to someone know what their aspirations are, their dreams and most important their view of the world. You might be amazed at what you learn from them, you might just learn a lesson or two. Fall for a mind not a body.

Dam that’s seven blogs already, lucky me I guess I haven’t been lazy after all. By now I hope that people have read through or at least glimpsed at my blog. Talking about my dating experiences is not an easy to do especially when I have made many mistakes. From giving too much to jealousy.

For my late seventh blog I will introduce myself to the blogging world. Allow me to tell you a little about myself. I am an ARTIST. I always found the arts captivating and now I’m embracing my inner creativity. I am a SCORPIO. I am passionate to the core so if I give it my all you must be special to me. Finally, I am a LOVERBOY. I can’t deny that any longer. I could say the corniest shit with no regrets. No ragrets.

People tell me that I’m too serious. Ohh boy are you in for a surprise. I like dancing, singing, and photography but that’s just the surface. What I look for in a woman is someone who is is a mix of weird and sarcasm. Most important someone who knows what they want. Be warned that I might write about you if you catch my eye. 😉


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