Social Media and Texting

Communication is essential when you are getting to know a woman. The two most common ways of communication used in this era is through social media and texting. 

Social media. I honestly have a love-hate relationship with it. It’s fun but people take it too serious. Social media allows people to show the world a little about themselves, a little too much I should say, from posts and checking-ins to photos and videos. Social media allows you to connect with other people but I feel like we use it to look at funny memes and to see what other people are doing, in other words stalking.

If you find yourself constantly hitting up a woman you like or always waiting to see what new photo or post they have published you are giving off a needy vibe. Guys learn to chill out. I’m not saying not to hit her up because being consistent shows that you are truly interested. Just learn to give women space. Lots of it. Learn to value your own space as well.

When getting to know a woman it is best to not add her on all social media channels especially at the start. Don’t try to know everything about a woman through social media. Get to know her face to face, that’s where the real magic happens. 

Say you are really into a woman and you see her talking to other guys on social media. Let’s be real, no guy likes seeing that especially if you’re both not on the same page when it comes to exclusivity. If you don’t let social media get to you or bother you then awesome but I’m talking on behalf of all guys who tend to overthink because of it. Don’t take social media too serious.

Like everything, social media has its ups and downs but asking for a woman’s number is probably the best option. Always text first because no girl will ever text first. She might not text you back right away and that’s fine she will eventually read it. She might be busy or might simply have a better conversation with someone else that’s the plain truth. Send the message and just carry on with your day, don’t think about it too much. 

Text as if you were talking, do it naturally. As hard as it might sound just text what comes to mind don’t overthink it. If you find yourself erasing and rewriting the message you are overthinking. Keep the conversation entertaining, talk about random things I’m sure you will find a topic that will interest both of you. 

Never give up too easy on a woman. Say you start a conversation but she seems uninterested in talking, she might have had a busy or bad day. Whatever the reason try to make her laugh that’s usually the best way to get a woman intrigued. Be consistent and don’t give up keep trying. If she still seems uninterested in the conversation then that’s a clear indicator that should probably stop hitting her up.

This one I’m a huge culprit of. Leaving conversations hanging either because I don’t have nothing to say or I don’t know what to say. Ladies don’t take it personal but sometimes conversations just die out. Let’s say a conversation just drags on and you texted last and she hasn’t responded for days, start a new conversation. 

Don’t be scared to send that double text, sometimes you lose girls by not trying enough. It shows that you really want to talk to her. But don’t try to always find something to text about. Women might push you away if they see that you are getting attached too quick. Like social media, give them space when texting. Don’t bombard them with messages, it’s annoying. Keyword SPACE.


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