Love Machine Gun

​Awesome you’re talking to a girl who you think is cute but should you only talk to her? In this type of situation there are usually two sides:

One: I shouldn’t be exclusive to anyone, I should talk to whoever I find attractive because every girl has a potential.

Two: I should only talk to her because that shows her that I am interested in her and no one else. 

Which side is right? The world may never know but I can tell you the following: In an ideal world you would want to be exclusive with a girl you were interested in and get that same exclusivity back “but that’s in a scenario where it’s too close to perfect, it seems exclusivity is not what this generation is about.” Neither choice is right or wrong it depends on the experiences that people have gone through. To each their own.

In my personal experience, I was the type of guy who would be exclusive to one girl because well I am and always will be loverboy. Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with being exclusive and learned the hard way. This was awhile ago but still very fresh in my mind. Basically I was exclusive to a girl and I wasn’t getting that back in return. She was talking to other guys and I hated it but it was my fault for giving the wrong person exclusivity. Don’t get me wrong being exclusive to someone is awesome as long as both a man and a woman share that same ideal and stick to it.   

In the meantime while you haven’t agreed to exclusivity be a Love Machine Gun and shoot rounds of flirting and fun because who doesn’t like that. Be the guy every girl feels comfortable with. Always keep the door open when getting to know someone as I like to say. You never know where it can lead to. Keep your options open and don’t go expecting something too soon. Everyone hates being an option. Perhaps it’s a good thing to have options because you want the person who truly deserves you and understands you in a deeper level. 

Biggest advice I could give is don’t lead someone on. BOTH men and women are culprits of this. Don’t lead someone on especially if you don’t know what you want. Even if you might be seen as an asshole or just someone who is a straight up fiend with lots of confidence. Be real on what you want from the get go, whether it is something serious or just to mess around.

Until BOTH a man and a woman decide to make things work with each other have fun and go out with different people. After all we’re young, wild and free until further notice. Don’t rush into anything too fast, until BOTH of you are on the same page. You could but you’re setting yourself up for failure and someone getting hurt in the long run. Sometimes the best relationships happen over time and not overnight.

It’s completely fine to talk to other girls and have options but once you decide on which girl rocks your boat the most make sure she knows she’s the one you want. Make sure that if and when you decide to commit to someone, fucking do it. If you were talking to other girls let them know that you are off-limits. Honesty is priority, well at least in my script. 


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